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Sirs, I would like to offer you a partnership

There is a production founded by me in Kutaisi, which specializes in the production of gabions of different sizes and types.
For more than 100 years, gabion structures have been used to stop various geo-erosive processes around the world, to stabilize avalanche-prone slopes and to stabilize tectonic processes in the local area. roads, railways protect landslides and rocks datsurebebisa it, landscapes aesthetic amenities, facilities foundation strength, hydraulic structures: pipelines and canals, embankments constructed, bridges laid in the river bottom washing, to protect the river bed of the maintenance or replacement of the wharf pirsebisa for dams, For rivers and naval works, the Gabion – (Gab. Gabbions large Italian cage) is a building block made of double-stranded twisted wire mesh.


The mesh tray is hexagonal in size with a size of 8×10 cm. And maintains structural resistance to breakage in the event of a break. The gabion has the shape of a rectangular box, the dimensions of which are determined according to the architectural requirements of the gabion building. The installation process does not require special qualifications of workers. The gabions are arranged tightly together and fastened with a fastening wire or a special stapler. Over time, dust and soil particles accumulate in the gabion volume, allowing plants to emerge and the gabion structure to gain more strength, appearing to be a natural element of the landscape, as well as having good drainage characteristics. The design and construction of gabion products is much more economical compared to massive reinforced concrete structures.